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On site Analysis of Dissolved Gases in Insulating Mineral Oil


 Among the equipment diagnostic techniques on site, the Analysis of Dissolved Gases in Insulating Mineral Oil, the AGD through gas chromatography, corresponds to one of the most reliable and already established tools in the evaluation of the operating conditions of power equipment.




In this way, maintenance teams use laboratories with equipment and standardized procedures for the treatment of oil samples collected in the field, in order to reliably infer the diagnosis of equipment and seek a better management of their assets.

Although reliable, the costs of deploying these laboratories and experts for analysis often make them economically unviable, and do not immediately make available the operating conditions of the asset in cases where external and independent laboratories are used.




Using a different methodology, with an equipment that has an almost immediate result in relation to standard gas chromatography, the Portable Gas Analyzer that uses the principle of photo-acoustic spectroscopy is currently a viable alternative for its practicality, speed of analysis, besides of reliability in the diagnosis of assets.

Despite using a different operating principle from the normalized, the Portable Gas Analyzer has a software for handling historical data, as well as diagnostic tools already programmed, thus making asset management more dynamic and fast. Initial comparisons made between both methodologies (traditional in laboratory and portable) showed that the new instrument presented good repeatability and consistency in the results, fact that makes it an initial tool to support the decision in the diagnosis of equipment with oil insulation.

The following figures show the Portable Gas Analyzer and the Oil Dissolved Gas Management Software screen.


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