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Cepel Certification System

Since 1983, Cepel acts in the certification of electronic products through laboratory tests. In 1994 it was accredited by Inmetro as

 a Product Certification Body (Accreditation Nº OCP0007), having CERT (Products and Services Certification) as executive manager.

CERT, through the matrix structure of Cepel, has a team of experts distributed throughout the different sectors of the company, and uses mainly the institution's laboratories, with the structure to perform the certification of the following products:

1 - Low Voltage Equipment
- Switches, Plugs, Outlets and Adaptors
- Wires and Cables;
- Flexible Cables and Cords.

2 - Electrical Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres (All):
- Group I
Electrical equipment used in mines subjected to the presence of methane / coalbed methane.

- Group II
Electrical equipment with the protection types: Intrinsic Safety (Ex i), Increased Safety (Ex e), Nonincendive (Ex n); Explosion Proof (Ex d); Pressurized (Ex p); Immerse in Oil (Ex o), Sand (Ex q) and Encapsulated (Ex m) and; installation accessories; cable glands, plugs, nipple etc.;

- Group III
Electrical equipment with protection: through enclosures (Ex t); pressurization (Ex pD); intrinsic safety (Ex iD) and encapsulation (Ex mD).

3 - Enclosure Protection Degree
Enclosures of electric equipment with nominal voltage lower than 72.5 kV, providing protection for people against the access to dangerous parts, against the penetration of foreign solid objects and against the harmful effects due to the penetration of water.

4 - Fluorescent Lamp Electronic Reactors
Electronic reactors, fed in alternating current, for rectilinear, circle and compact tubular fluorescent lamps, focusing safety and performance.

Product certification is performed through specific requirements for the assessment of the conformity within each product category (RAC). RAC defines the stages to be accomplished, including the performance of analysis and tests according to specific standards, and the evaluation of the quality system and production process of the manufacturer. CERT acts using preferably laboratories accredited by INMETRO, which may belong to CEPEL or to other subcontracted institutions. Before the emission of the certificates, the certification processes are submitted to external Certification Commissions, which act technically and are constituted by representatives of all parties involved.

To access the system for test and certification requests, click here. To access Cepel's Certification Body, click here.