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Real Time Supervision and Control of Electrical Systems


Electrical networks are complex structures that cannot be operated safely and efficiently without continuous supervision and control. SCADA / EMS (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition / Energy Management Systems) supervise, control, optimize and manage the processes of generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy, allowing utilities to collect, analyze and store data from hundreds of thousands of measurement in regional or national networks, maintain a network model, simulate system operation, signal faults and anticipate possible disturbances.

In this context, the line of research "Supervision and Control of Electrical Systems in Real-time" aims to master the set of technologies associated to the process of real-time operation of electrical systems, being able to provide SCADA / EMS systems.

Through this initiative, Cepel is prepared to offer companies of the Brazilian electrical system technological solutions in the state-of-the-art, tuned to their specifics and requirements. Cepel solutions in this area are aimed to optimize the operation of the electrical networks for reliability, safety, quality of service and efficiency.

Among the basic principles adopted by Cepel in this area is the adherence to the concept of open systems, standards-oriented, aiming at future-proof projects. It means to develop systems that evolve continuously, adapting to the new technological contexts and the demands of new systems generations. Some of the technologies considered in this line of research are:

• Communication, data acquisition and processing, including the development of protocols, all native, such as ICCP, IEC61850 and OPC UA.
• Common Information Model (CIM) support for exchange of information between different systems.
• High performance and high available architectures
• Technologies for human-machine interface
• Databases
• Simulation and network analysis in real-time
• Dynamic simulation of networks in real-time for operators training
• Generation control.

Cepel continuously develops solutions for the supervision and control of electrical systems in partnership with the largest companies in the sector, notably with the Eletrobras generation and transmission companies - Chesf, Furnas, Eletronorte and Eletrosul - and the National Electric System Operator (ONS) as well as with other major transmission companies in the country.

This line of research is related to others like "Information Processing and Computational Intelligence Applied to the Operation of Electrical Systems" and "Planning, Operation and Analysis of Electrical Networks". For its development, it counts on resources of the "Advanced Laboratory of Supervision and Control" - LASC, located in the Fundão Unit.

The main product developed under this line of research is SAGE (Open System of Energy Management). See below for more information on SAGE.


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