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Power Distribution, Measurement and Loss Reduction


The line of research "Power Distribution, Measurement and Loss Reduction" is dedicated to the development of new alternatives in equipment and systems for electric power measurement and management. Several innovative solutions have already been obtained that resulted in patents granted in Brazil and abroad.


Due to the experience of the team working in this area, Cepel has been consulted by distribution companies that present high losses in their concession areas. The main emphasis is related to the reduction of “non-technical losses” or “commercial losses” that affect the economic health of distribution companies.


Some products that have been developed can be highlighted: Centralized Measurement System, Energy Meter for Currents up to 800 A, Centralized Remote Control System for Loads and Tariffs Management, Ampere-Hour Meter, Individualized Self-Monitoring System for Instrument Transformers. This last item has patent granted recently in Brazil and several countries of Europe, South America and in the USA.

This line of research is related to “Electric Power Quality line of research”.


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