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Optimization of Transmission Line Projects


The line of research "Optimization of Transmission Line Projects" has the following objectives:

• Provide a computational tool for the technical-economic analysis of AC and DC transmission lines at voltage levels up to 1000 kV in AC and up to ± 800 kV in DC

• Develop and analyze optimized transmission line projects

• Promote the application of conventional transmission line technologies and new transmission technologies (transmission lines with high natural power, lines with bundles of generic conductors, long lines, unconventional lines, etc.) to the new transmission needs of the Brazilian electric system.

It is also dedicated to:
• Constant integration of current calculation methodologies developed for transmission lines in AC and DC
• Integration with meteorological databases
• Integration with cost database of transmission line components developed by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) and Eletrobras.
Among the products developed under this line of research are the computer program ELEKTRA and pre-projects of transmission lines in AC and DC.

This line is closely related to the lines of research on Interaction between Transmission Lines and the Environment, Monitoring of Electrical and Mechanical Performance of Transmission Lines, New Concepts of Transmission Lines and Electromagnetic Transients and Isolation Coordination.



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