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New Concepts of Transmission Lines


The research line "New Concepts of Transmission Lines" aims to provide Eletrobras companies with technical knowledge, analysis methodologies, laboratory test results and other technical subsidies for the design, calculation and optimization of AC transmission lines (AC ) and direct current (DC), at voltage levels up to 1000 kV in AC and up to ± 800 kV in DC.

Research integrates current calculation methodologies and laboratory test procedures developed for conventional and unconventional transmission lines in AC and DC.

Cepel, together with Furnas, Chesf, Eletronorte and Eletrosul, and the Energy Research Company (EPE), have participated in the development of configurations of high performance transmission lines, in order to overcome the challenges of transmitting large blocks of energy to large distances.
With the implementation of the Ultra-High Voltage Lab (Lab UAT) at the Adrianópolis Unit, Cepel will be able to evaluate the transmission line configurations up to the UAT voltage class in a more complete and comprehensive manner.

Among the products developed under this line of research are software for optimization of transmission line configurations, and procedures for testing and results of laboratory tests in UAT.
This research area is closely related to the activities of Monitoring and Diagnosis of Equipment and Facilities, Interaction between Transmission Lines and Environment, Monitoring of the Electrical and Mechanical Performance of the Transmission Lines, Optimization of Transmission Lines and Electromagnetic Transients and Insulation Coordination.

For experimental research activities, complementary resources are used in the High Voltage Laboratory, located in Adrianópolis Unit, and the Mechanical Properties Laboratory (MA4), installed in Fundão Unit.


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