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Electromagnetic Transients and Insulation Coordination


The research area "Electromagnetic Transients and Isolation Coordination" is dedicated to studies and tests with the objective of planning a system and specifying equipment to support the requests imposed on it.

Conducts studies and tests in the area of isolation coordination to determine the safety distances in transmission lines and substations, calculating the associated failure risks.


This research area has as a differential, the possibility of the company itself to carry out simulations through digital programs and measurements and tests that prove the results obtained.

The works are carried out in partnership with companies that generate, transmit and distribute electricity, Eletrobras companies, National Electric System Operator (ONS), Energy Research Company (EPE), Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), universities and laboratories of high voltage and high power from Cepel.


Among the computational programs developed under this research area is RISFAM (Performance of transmission lines in the case of switching impulses).


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