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Electric Power Quality


The research line “Electric Power Quality” is dedicated to the development of products and services related to improve the power quality of systems and installations. Power quality is related to generation, transmission or distribution utilities and also industrial customers.

Because of the expertise of Cepel’s team working in this field, the center is frequently contacted by its partners, particularly Chesf and  Eletrosul; public sector entities, such as the Electric System National Operator (ONS); transmission, distribution and generation agents and industrial consumers.

The main services under this line of research are: diagnosis, measurements and tests carried out by the “Electric Power Quality Laboratory” (LABQ), as well as support to Eletrobras companies and the ONS, on the following topics: measurement campaigns related to harmonic distortion, voltage fluctuations, voltage unbalance, short duration voltage dips; consultancy on power quality measurement.

Some of its main developments are:

• The Qualivento project, that develops a prototype for measuring power quality of wind meters based on IEC 61400-21 standard.

• The Qualicarga project, that aims to improve the representation of the electric load simulated in ANAREDE (Analysis of Power System Networks) and ANATEM (Analysis of Electromechanical Transients) softwares.

• The software IDENTSIS, developed to identify the part of the system in short-circuit
based on PQ disturbance data.

The line of research “Electric Power Quality” is related to the line of research “Power Distribution and Measurement and Loss reduction”



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