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Disturbance Analysis in Electric Power Systems


Electrical networks are subjected to frequent disturbances, typically caused by short circuits. These disturbances are, in general, well absorbed, however, in some cases, they can cause major shutdowns. The understanding of the origin of these disturbances can be a very complex task, but it is essential to the improvement of the safety and reliability of electrical systems.

Oscillography analysis systems are used to aid experts in the analysis of transient phenomena in electrical networks, aiming at the evaluation of the performance of protection systems, the detection of eventual malfunction of primary equipment and in fault location, using techniques like digital signal processing, numerical analysis and WEB based graphical interfaces and services.

In order to provide utilities in the Brazilian power system with modern tools to support the understanding these events , Cepel develops research in the area of Disturbance Analysis in Electric Power Systems. It comprises the domain of all the technologies associated with disturbance analysis, with state-of-the-art solutions, attuned to their specific characteristics and requirements, to support fault analysis experts in a timely and complete understanding of the disturbances affecting the electric power systems. The technologies involved include: digital processing of oscillographic signals, databasis, graphical interfaces, web technologies, fault location, dynamic simulation of protection equipment, intelligent systems and oscillographic networks.

Cepel offers a complete integrated software environment for disturbance analysis in electric power systems based on oscillography files as by-product of this line of researchfeaturing sophisticated resources for visualization, editing, interpretation, calculation and fault analysis, not to mention resources for the management of the whole oscillography structure based on the automatic pre-analysis of oscillograms.

The technological actions in the area of disturbance analysis have been developed in partnership, specially, with generation and transmission companies such as Eletrobras –Furnas, Eletronorte, Eletrosul and Chesf – and also with ONS (Electric System National Operator).

This research line is related to the research lines “Substation Local Automation” and “Real-Time Supervision and Control of Electric Power Systems”.

The main software programs developed under the line of research are the SINAPE.NET (Digital Fault Recorder Files Managing and Automated Analysis System) and the SINAPE (Integrated Disturbance Analysis Support System).

Check, below, further information regarding SINAPE and SINAPE.NET.
 SINAPE - Integrated Disturbance Analysis Support System
 SINAPE.Net- Disturbance Analysis Support Web System)


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