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Time-Current Characteristic Verification in Reclosers


 The Verification of the time x current feature in reclosers is carried out by the High Power Laboratory (AP2), located in the Adrianópolis Unit.


They aim at analyzing the time-current curve generated by the interruption and reclosing time values, as a function of the recloser operation current values. It is very important that this curve is reliable for an adequate protection of the electric network, ensured safety of the system and continuity of the energy supply.


AP2 has the infrastructure to provide voltages and currents and meet the specificities of the clients and/or the test standards, within the limitations of the laboratory, for example: calibrated measurement systems; switches and circuit-breakers for current establishment and interruption; current limiters; circuits to meet the voltage parameters of transient reestablishment; protection systems; suitable current and voltage sources.


The main clients of these tests are: electricity utilities and equipment manufacturers.




• ANSI/IEEE C37.60
• ABNT NBR 8185.


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