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Evaluation of the Operational State and Investigation of Causes of Equipment Failure


The evaluation of the state and investigation of causes of failure in electrical equipment, either to estimate its residual life or to support the investigation of cause (s) of failure (s), is a complex and almost always multidisciplinary task. Cepel is able to perform this type of service by having a specialized team and state-of-the-art instrumentation in the following evaluation techniques:
• Partial Discharge (Electromagnetic)
• Acoustic Emission
• Return Voltage (Polarization Spectrum)
• PDC - Polarization / Depolarization Current
• Characterization in Frequency Domain (up to 10 MHz)
• Characterization of "overvoltages" generated by switching equipment (circuit breakers and disconnectors of conventional substations and SF6) on power transformers and reactors
• Gas Chromatography of Dissolved Oil in Insulating (ion site and online)
• Polymerization Degree (GP) and 2-furfuraldehyde (2-fal)
• Leakage current
The service is provided by the Laboratory of Diagnosis in Equipment and Electrical Installations (LabDig), located in the Fundão Unit. Depending on the situation and the objective, a single evaluation technique or a set of complementary techniques may be applied.

Among the clients of the service are: Eletronorte, Chesf, Furnas, manufacturers and companies of the electric sector in general.


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