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SINAPE.Net - Integrated Disturbance Analysis Support Web System


SINAPE.Net is a WEB based system designed to aid experts in the managing of a large set of digital fault recorder files, improving the agility of the disturbance analysis work. It uses advanced computational resources to extract and externalize as much information as possible from the fault recorder files and from other sources, when available. The automatic fault analysis and fault localization routines developed by CEPEL were refined in daily use by the largest electric utilities in Brazil. Among the many features of SINAPE.Net, it can be highlighted:


• The system is installed in a server and accessed through a WEB interface.

• Automated fault analysis aims at identifying the most relevant records through the classification of the disturbances.

• Automatic calculation of fault location on transmission lines, using one or two terminal data, impedance or traveling wave methods.

• The WEB interface allows graphical display (plotting) of analog and digital signals, offering several features to facilitate manual analysis.

•  Geo-referenced visualization of events.

•  The system can be tailored to the particularities of each company.

•  Fetching of fault recorder files directly from the IEDs in the field, using standardized protocols.



SINAPE.Net has interfaces designed for each type of user. The interface to the protection engineer and fault analysis expert presents the listing of registered events with filters by date, type of disturbance, location of the recorder and equipment involved. The analog and digital raw signals can be plotted, as well as their RMS and the amplitude and angle of phasor values. The system plots calculated values such as active, reactive and apparent power, symmetrical harmonic and impedance (RX) components. During the analysis of disturbances from different locations, it is also possible to synchronize all the measured quantities. Synchronization of fault recordings can be performed automatically for IEDs with absolute time reference.


For control centers a special interface is available to display fault location results, in a compact, clear and straight way, so that the system operator can use it as a reference when dispatching maintenance teams.


An interface for geographical location of the recorded events is available. The transmission system is drawn using geo-referenced information of the position of the transmission lines towers and the position of the electrical installations. The fault position is indicated based on the result of the fault location calculation. The system also displays a temporal animation, allowing an overview of the evolution of the disturbance in both geographical and time dimensions.


SINAPE.Net can manage the configuration of the power electrical system (equipment and installations) and the fault recording devices. It also provides monitoring of the fault recording devices, such as file quarantine list (recordings that could not be analyzed), frequency of fault recording files reception from each device, statistics on the results of automated analysis, among others.


Most of these interfaces use results from the automated fault analysis module. They allow for identifying the event (fault with shutdown, occurrence without shutdown, reclosing etc.), type of fault (phases involved), fault location in transmission lines and direction of the fault current. Any file that arrives at the repository is evaluated and the result stored in a relational database.




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