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SAGE - Open Energy Management System

SAGE - Open Energy Management System aims at the supervision, control, and management of electric systems. It supports electric power generation, transmission and distribution utilities, as well as by the Brazilian ISO, the Electric System National Operator – ONS.

The system allows for the acquisition, storing and analysis, in real time, of all information necessary to operate an electrical system, whether from a local, regional or national center. Currently, SAGE is the preferred SCADA/EMS system by more than 200 companies and controls more than 1,200 installations (SEs, power plants and electrical systems) throughout Brazil.

SAGE implements the electrical system data acquisition and distribution, event handling, and alarm processing functions; it means the basic functionalities of a SCADA system. The system provides multiple standardized protocols for data exchange with a number o devices and systems, all of them natively implemented in its libraries. Its graphical UI controls operator interaction with the computer system, supporting all the modern full-graphics features, e.g. zooming, panning, decongestion, menus, and multiple windows.

SAGE is based on a distributed, redundant architecture in which multiple servers are connected through a local network, ensuring database consistency and the scalability of computing resources. The various system component processes use a high performance distributed database, over which they exchange information and messages that allow for their coordinated execution. Further software pieces monitor the overall system state in real-time and control each critical function for high-availability.

The system also provides real-time network simulation and analysis tools capable of presenting corrected estimated information on the state of the supervised electrical system. Based on this information, another software layer is used to anticipate problems and advise the user to an optimum operation point. Cepel's extensive experience in research and development of network simulation and analysis applications ensure the state-of-the-art in EMS algorithms for SAGE.

The SAGE SCADA / EMS (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition / Energy Management System) meets the strictest requirements of the control centers, ensuring high performance, through a sophisticated scheme for distribution of tasks between servers. Multiple redundant servers assure reliability for critical functions, while a broad library of all native protocols guarantees connectivity.

The system is continuously updated, keeping pace with technological advances and having new functionality added regularly. This feature, known as evergreen, allows SAGE-based supervisory and control systems not to suffer from obsolescence and short life cycles.

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