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Remote Measurement of Electromagnetic Transients in Substations


The service of remote measurement of electromagnetic transients in substations allows, through punctual measurements or continuous monitoring, the evaluation of voltage levels and waveform  over  power transformers, resulting from the operation of disconnectors and circuit breakers, whether internal or external to the substation.

It also allows identifying possible interactions between the frequency components of the maneuvers and the natural oscillation frequencies of the power transformers. In addition, it provides information to utilities and electric equipment manufacturers in order to minimize the failure rate of equipment or to support the identification of causes of failure.

A system for continuous monitoring has been in operation since May 2011, monitoring two banks of 765/345 kV autotransformers at the Tijuco Preto Substation (Furnas), whose event signals are sent to Cepel and Furnas' office in Rio.



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