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PLANTAC – Transmission Planning with Reliability Worth


PLANTAC (Transmission Planning with Reliability Worth) software targets medium-term multi-year probabilistic planning, assumes a transmission plan prepared by the user (reference plan) and takes into account the Reliability Worth . By using AC probabilistic reliability analyses the software seeks to explain and translate, into economy terms, the costs and benefits associated to each transmission expansion alternative of power systems. When processing probabilistic reliability, PLANTAC uses the NH2 software (Probabilistic and Reliability Analysis) for calculations.


The planning process can be improved explicitly considering aspects of probabilistic reliability. PLANTAC evaluates delays of the reference transmission plan, comparing alternative plans with the reference plan.


It also makes it easier to the planner, the access to annual detailed results from each expansion plan, such as merit order and reliability, power losses, investment cost and operation indices. Among the new functionalities of the software, the possibility of parallel running in multi-core computers and the technique that aids multi-criteria decision can be highlighted.


Companies of the Eletrobras System are some of the main users of PLANTAC.



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