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IMA-DP - Instrumentation for Monitoring and Analysis of Partial Discharges


The occurrence of Partial Discharge (PD) in the insulating systems of high voltage equipment is a symptom of fragility in dielectric withstanding, whose evolution can have serious consequences for these equipments and for the electrical system.

The detection of PD generated within an insulation system is of fundamental importance in assessing the existence of premature defects in insulation systems and, in this case, anticipating premature or unexpected failures.

The original system developed by Cepel, called IMA-DP, based on the IEC 60270 standard, can be applied to any high voltage equipment that has an insulation system. It consists of three integrated subsystems: measurement systems, operating system and analysis system.

The measurement system is responsible for the acquisition and recording functions of the DP signals in the form of statistical maps (Φ, q, n). The operating system is responsible for configuring and adjusting the measurement hardware as well as for requesting measurements. The analysis system includes tools for viewing the data and handling consolidated information in the IMA-DP database. A timely diagnosis (at the time of measurement) can be generated, as well as a historical evaluation, with trend curves and classification of partial discharges.



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