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IGS - Indicators for Corporate Sustainability Management

Corporate Sustainability Management is strategic to Sustainable Development and has guided companies' actions in recent years. The companies in general are realizing that optimizing the use of natural resources in the production chains may represent not only an environmental and social improvement, but also economic gains, and access to funds, increasing the companies competitiveness in the international market and creating greater value for shareholders.
At Eletrobras, this movement intensifies with each passing year towards continuous improvement of Corporate Sustainability Management. For this reason, a set of actions is being taken in Eletrobras System companies. A highlight among them is the project known as "Eletrobras Corporate Sustainability Management Indicators" (IGS Project), under development by Cepel since 2007.
IGS's main objectives are:
• Establishing a set of indicators that support Eletrobras' Corporate Sustainability Management process, subsidizing the assessment and communication of performance improvements and thus facilitating and increasing competitiveness in the international market.
• Designing and implementing a computational system (IGS System) to store, edit, treat, retrieve and manage issues related to the corporate sustainability indicators defined within the scope of the project.
Currently, indicators and the IGS System are supporting sustainability management in Eletrobras in the context of the environmental sustainability dimension, with monthly, quarterly and annual monitoring of indicators for water, energy, waste, biodiversity and voluntary actions.
For the other dimensions of corporate sustainability, the so-called “IGS-Relat System” already allows the annual collection of the indicators presented on the Eletrobras Sustainability Report using  the GRI model (Global Reporting Initiative) and also some indicators of the DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index ).
Also, new indicators and  specific functionalities are being developed for future implementation in the IGS System, which will be renamed as IGS 2.0 in 2019. In this new version the System will also allow the monitoring of goals related to Business Performance and the 2030 Agenda, helping Eletrobras to achieve its commitments to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
The IGS system faces a constant evolution and implementation of new features, as well as the review and definition of other important indicators for control actions and for the planning of improvements in relevant performance aspects of the sustainability dimensions. Such procedures shall ensure that electric power generation and transmission in Eletrobras companies is increasingly done in a way that maximizes the economic and social benefits and minimizes risks and impacts to the environment, therefore contributing to the achievement of  sustainable development.
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