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FormCepel – User-defined Report Generator


FormCepel is an auxiliar program that makes easy the analysis of results generated by power system analysis tools developed by Cepel. It is developed under the line of research “Planning, Operation and Analysis of Electrical Networks”.


FormCepel’s high flexibility on choosing and filtering data speeds the analysis and generation of customized reports. It can be applied to both steady-state (ANAREDE –Analysis of Power System Networks – and ANAFAS – Analysis of Simultaneous Faults) and transient analysis tools (ANATEM – Analysis of Electromechanical Transients).



FormCepel has a simple and comprehensive graphical user interface. Interacting with this interface the user selects variables and ranges of value, filters the selected variables and, finally, generates a table in Microsoft Excel format. Once the table is generated, the user can still apply Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros to customize the most adequate way to arrange the table. Filters, simple tables and comparison tables can be saved by the user for future use.


Among the main users of FormCepel are: public sector entities, such as the Electric System National Operator (ONS) and the Energy Research Company (EPE); the Eletrobras companies; generation, transmission and distribution agents and consulting companie.



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