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FLUPOT - Optimal Power Flow


The Optimal Power Flow Software, FLUPOT, aims to determine the operating state of the power network in permanent regime that optimizes a given objective function and satisfies a number of physical and operational constraints. FLUPOT is developed on the research line "Planning, Operation and Analysis of Electrical Networks".

FLUPOT uses efficient non-linear programming algorithms and stands out because of its flexibility in the choice of the objective function, the controls released to act and of the constraints considered in the solution.

The software has a robust and efficient algorithm which facilitates the convergence of difficult Power Flow cases. It can also be used for Reactive Compensation Planning and for Electric System Operation and Expansion Planning. In recent years, it has been widely used in studies to determine the interchange limits among the subsystems of the Brazilian power network.

Currently, the integrated version of the SAGE (Open System of Power Management) is used to optimize the operation in real time.

Among the main users of FLUPOT are: sector entities, such as National Electric System Operator (ONS) and Energy Research Company (EPE); Eletrobras companies; generation and transmission agents; universities (academic versions).




















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