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ELEKTRA - Dimensioning, Costing and Optimization of LTs


 ELEKTRA is a computational tool with a graphical user interface for calculation, sizing, costing and technical-economic optimization of AC and DC transmission lines projects.
ELEKTRA applies to:
• development of a basic electromechanical transmission line project, automatically considering the climate of the region where the line is located and the cost banks of Eletrobras and the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), or user-customized databases for the various items that make up the transmission line;
• selection of the most economical conductors and conductor bundles, with conventional or generic subconductor geometry, considering transmission line costs and electric losses;
• comparison of transmission alternatives - AC, DC, stationary or self-supporting towers, beam configuration, etc;
• Analysis of conventional and unconventional transmission line, such as High SIL Transmission Lines (LPNEs), long lines, 1000 kV AC lines, ± 800 kV DC lines, etc.

ELEKTRA incorporates constant updates of calculation models of transmission lines in AC and DC, such as models published in the latest Cigré technical documents and models foreseen in the revision of the ABNT NBR5422 standard.

Among the main users of the tool are professionals from Eletrobras System and from the Energy Research Company (EPE). The program can also be used by professionals from companies designing transmission systems.


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