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Electric Power Quality Assessment



The electric power quality assessment service comprises harmonic, voltage fluctuation, short duration voltage variation and imbalance measurements. Such measurements are performed by Cepel from the 1990s, and they aim at:

• Characterizing power quality in a certain point of the electric system

• Assessing causes and responsibilities for problems in power quality

• Testing meters and equipment

• Solving consumer or electrical network problems

• Assessing the behavior of wind turbines.

These measurements are carried out by the Electric Power Quality Laboratory (LABQ), located in the Fundão Unit, which has a team of researchers with vast experience in power quality measurement, both in the electrical network and in consumer centers, power equipment and power systems.

LABQ researchers have specific instruments for field monitoring of power quality and for laboratory testing. Furthermore, they have at their disposal the equipment and expertise to develop measurement methods for specific situations, when necessary.

These measurements are involved with fields of research of load modeling from power quality measurements, wind turbine power quality measurements, harmonic propagation in the electrical network and in high voltage direct current transmission systems.



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