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DianE - Equipment Analysis and Diagnosis System


 DianE is an application, developed since 2000 for analysis and diagnosis of the state of the equipments used in High Voltage substations.


The main purpose of the system is to integrate known techniques of analysis in a single system able to give the user as much information that assist in making decisions about the operating system and the maintenance needs of all registered devices. Its main objective is to integrate information on the evaluation of the operational condition of the equipment such as power transformers, reactors, circuit breakers, surge arresters, bushings, instrument transformers, among others.


In relation to other computational programs used by the maintenance for the monitoring of substations, its main advantages are:


·         Provides an integrated environment

·         Assists in making decisions based in Reliability Centered Maintenance's process

·         Compatible with previous monitoring systems (interchangeability, portability, interconnectivity, expandability, modularity and scalability)

·         Consolidates historical data in database

·         Provides Intuitive user interfaces

·         Indicates evidences of defects in substations equipments and plants

·         Provides a degree of risk for each possible cause of failure of each registered equipment

·         Interacts with other Cepel products, such as SAGE (Open System for Energy Management) and IMA-DP (Instrumentation for Monitoring and Analysis of Partial Discharges)

·         Interacts with SAP-ERP

·         Reduced training time





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