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CDUEdit - User-Defined Controller Editor


The auxiliary program CDUEdit (User-Defined Controller Editor) allows the user to interact with its graphical user interface to create new controller models to be used in ANATEM (Analysis of Electromechanical Transients) and PacDyn (Analysis and Control of Electromechanical Oscillations in Power Systems) programs.

CDUEdit makes it easy to manage the user-defined controller models database and ensures the consistency among the graphic information (block diagram) and the data used in the simulations. User-defined controller models for both ANATEM and PacDyn may be generated from the graphic interface.


Among the main users of CDUEdit are: public sector entities, such as the Electric System National Operator (ONS) and the Energy Research Company (EPE); the Eletrobras companies; generation, transmission and distribution agents; big industrial consumers; independent producers; universities (student versions).


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