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CDF - Frequency Domain Characterization


 The CDF (Characterization of Equipment in Frequency Domain) sofware aims to control a set of instruments based on PXI platform from National Instruments, using the Labview language.


Through the system managed by the CDF, data from frequency response and terminal impedance measurements of transformer and power reactors are obtained. An "intelligent" routine for analysis of measurements is being implemented in the program, allowing user assessment and diagnosis on field.


With the CDF, it is possible to integrate several instruments into a single set, making it extremely portable and with a processing speed much higher than one has using isolated instruments.

The program supports the system of monitoring the displacement of coils of large transformers and the evaluation of the interactions between power transformers and electrical system (Tijuco Preto - Furnas Substation).
Among CDF users are: electric power utilities; equipment manufacturers etc.









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