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CAMPEM - Calculation of Electrical, Magnetic and Inductive Fields




Based on the techniques of charge and current simulation, for 2 1/2 D, this new version of the program enables the user to perform the following studies:

  • calculation of electric and magnetic fields and of electrostatic induction effects in the vicinity of transmission lines;
  • definition of conductor to ground distances for determined field criteria;
  • definition of right-of-way;
  • verification of compliance with legal limits;
  • analysis and development of solutions for specific situations: road crossings, proximity of housings, schools, hospitals, etc.


Example of Application:


Setting line configuration


Graphics with magnetic field transversal profile 1,5m above ground level.


Graphics with electric field transversal profile 1,5m above ground level.




On may 5th 2009, the President of the Republic sanctioned the National Law 11.934 determining the application of limits for human exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. On March 23rd 2010, November 3rd 2010 and July 1st 2014, ANEEL - the National Agency for Electric Energy - issued regulatory resolutions 398, 413 and 616, respectively, detailing the application of the Law on all the installations of the electric power sector.


The regulatory resolutions determine that Companies must produce documentation demonstrating that legal limits are obeyed. This demonstration may be done either by calculation or by measurements. In order for ANEEL to accept calculations the computer program and its methodology must be recognized by the Agency.


When the first regulatory resolution was being prepared CEPEL presented, at a public hearing, its methodology and the related work involving measurements and calculations on operating transmission lines used to validate CAMPEM, so that ANEEL gave its approval, recognizing CAMPEM to make evaluations of transmission lines performance.


Eletrobras and the Transmission Companies use CAMPEM to calculate field levels produced by its transmission lines. Besides this CEPEL has marketed this software as well as performed studies and simulations for several private companies.


Basic Description


CAMPEM calculates electric and magnetic fields produced by AC transmission lines and also electrostatic induction effects produced by contact with metallic objects in their vicinity.


The actual version of the program has several improved features, especially in the graphics interface, with a friendly data input and visualization, the possibility of easy testing of different alternatives, changing the geometric parameters of the transmission line, reducing the simulation time. It also incorporates a completely new feature for shielding design, in areas where there may be a need to reduce fields and induction effects on vehicles, fences, antennas, houses, etc.


As for the output there are conventional output files and also graphics and tables which can be exported to most text editors.


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