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ATERRAMENTO - System for Grounding Mesh Design


The System ATERRAMENTO is a computational tool with graphical user interface. It aims at calculating, analyzing, and designing grounding systems used in distribution lines, transmission lines and electric power substations.

The tool is divided into three main blocks:
• SOLO: allows the modeling of the soil in up to two horizontal layers;
• FUGA: allows the calculation of the currents injected into the grounding mesh;
• MESH: calculates the grounding mesh, including the calculation of the grounding resistance of the mesh and the profiles and maps of induced step and touch voltages near the ground.

The system uses calculation models based on important technical references and by several professionals and companies in the Brazilian and international electric sector.

The tool can be used by professionals of electric power concessionaires, companies of projects of systems of distribution and transmission of energy, as well as of substations.



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