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Phasor Measurement Laboratory


The Phasor Measurement Laboratory (LabPMU) of Cepel is an infrastructure to support tests and applied research about Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs). The main objective of LabPMU is to provide Cepel with the capacity to performe tests, studies and experimental research involving synchrophasor measurement systems.


LabPMU also support the activities of Cepel in the development and integration of new methodologies and techniques for products already in use in the National Interconnected System and in power systems in general. In the future, it will be able to contribute to the elaboration and improvement of the national and international specifications and technical standards, taking into account specific characteristics of the Brazilian System.


LabPMU is able to provide technological support for PMU applications, involving ONS (National System Operator), transmission companies and equipment manufacturers. The laboratory supports the investigation of new phasor measurement applications and the implementation of a network of PMUs in Brazil, applicable to its specific conditions. The main areas of activity of LabPMU are:


• Reference tests on equipment having PMU function, verifying compliance to the standards and necessary adjustments in hardware or software before the installation out of lab. The Lab is equipped with state of the art PMU calibrator (Fluke 6135A).

• Evaluation of software and phasor concentration equipment, by analyzing their results in a controlled environment;

• Evaluation of new applications, prior to their availability for use in the field. The various PMUs can be previously tested for these applications in typical situations allowing the development of new technologies and products.


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