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Electrical Energy Measurement Laboratory


The Electric Energy Measurement Laboratory (LabMed), was established in 1987, since then have been used intensely in development of several Cepel’s products some of them are patented. This list includes the Centralized Metering System, the Ampere-hour Meter, the Centralized Telecontrol System For Load Control And Multiple Tariff and, more recently, the Individualized Self-Monitoring System for Instrument Transformers. These products have patent applications (most already granted) in Brazil and abroad.

The LabMed, located at the Fundão Unit, supports R&D projects for equipment and system development focusing on power measurement and energy efficiency as well as on the improvement of measurement procedures related to power consumption. The Lab is also used to test systems aiming the reduction of electric energy losses including losses resulting from fraudulent manipulation on the meter.

To know more about the tests conducted at LabMed, please click on the "Tests" tab.


• ZERA Stationary Meter Test Systems;
• MTE Portable Meter Test System;
• Radian Energy Standard Meters;
• Rotek Power Calibrators;
• California Power Source;
• Oscilloscopes;
• Spectrum Analyzers.

Standards and/or procedures adopted
• ABNT (NBR14519, NBR14520, NBR14521, NBR14522);
• Inmetro Metrological standards;
• IEC and ANSI related standards.


Transformer loss compensation tests for power meters.
Assessment of meters' immunity in the presence of high external magnetic DC field.


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