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Electrical and Magnetic Properties Laboratory


Implemented by Cepel in 1976, the Electrical and Magnetic Properties Laboratory (MA6) is one of the few laboratories in Latin America able to perform experimental investigations on the electrical and magnetic conditions of equipment and materials, particularly those used by companies in the electricity sector. The laboratory also evaluates parts and materials produced by Brazilian industries for export.

Located in the Fundão Unit, MA6 serves the electricity generation sector in thermoelectric and hydropower plants, provides services for the nuclear sector and participates in expert audits of materials and equipment to identify the possible causes of failure.

The main products developed by the laboratory include techniques and methodologies for measuring electrical and magnetic quantities, as well as testing methodologies.

MA6 offers resources for the development of projects in the lines of research "Monitoring and Diagnosis of Equipment and Facilities", "Superconductivity" and "Optimization of Transmission Line Projects".

The laboratory is able to perform various tests for the characterization of electrical, dielectric, magnetic and other materials, such as:

• Analysis of partial discharges in components for high voltage, up to 100 kV in 60 Hz or direct current

• Analyses of connectors and fixed or mobile electrical connections, including the time for closure of contacts


• Expert audits for the identification of the causes of failures in materials, devices and electrical components

• Assessment of the electrical, magnetic and thermal behavior of materials in thermal cycling regimen

• Accelerated ageing under temperature, current and voltage of insulated busbars for electric motors and hydropower generators


• Magnetic characteristics of metallic materials and nanofluids

• Dielectric constant and dissipation factor as function of frequency and temperatures for liquid, solid or viscous dielectric materials, including oil


• Critical current in metallic and non-metallic superconductors

• Ferromagnetic losses in cables and electrical connections for power transmission lines

• Electrical resistance in direct and alternate current for power transmission cables and protection against atmospheric discharges

• Analysis of the efficiency of compounds to improve electrical contacts and of electrical connection welding

• Analysis of electrical measuring and protection transformers, assessment of accuracy and of magnetic remanence factor of the core. Short-circuit in voltage transformers for electric system protection and measuring, magnetic losses and heating


• Magnetic remanence factor in current transformer for electric system protection.

• Electric tracking in solid polymeric compounds for outdoor use


• Failure detection in copper or aluminum electric welded joints, by non-destructive techniques, without removing eventual paint coatings


• Expert audit of electrical materials, equipment and facilities for the identification of failures or casualties, in the place where they occurred or in the lab.



MA6 is one of the best-equipped laboratories of the Brazilian electrotechnical park. It has instruments with high sensitivity and accuracy. The laboratory can perform measurements and analysis in voltages with magnitudes between 10 pV and 200 kV and with currents between 10 nA and 100 kA.


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