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Corrosion Laboratory


The Corrosion Laboratory (MA2), opened by Cepel in 1974, studies the various corrosion processes that occur in the equipment and/ or in the metallic structures of the installations of electric sector companies, specifying corrosion prevention techniques and researching new protection techniques. The laboratory seeks to increase the durability of equipment and structures and to reduce maintenance and unplanned shutdown costs.

The laboratory performs research activities and services in the main fields of metallic structure corrosion, that is: atmospheric corrosion; soil corrosion; corrosion by natural waters and studies corrosion prevention techniques through organic and metallic coatings and electrochemical techniques such as cathodic protection.

MA2 has two laboratories and one urban atmospheric corrosion station in the Fundão Unit and one marine atmospheric corrosion station located in Mambucaba, Angra dos Reis (RJ).

The laboratory is prepared to specify corrosion prevention techniques suitable to the exposure and working conditions of the equipment and metallic structures, to identify the cause of corrosion problems and therefore, to provide technical recommendations to solve these problems. It also provides technical training to maintenance teams from companies in the electricity sector.

To perform its activities, the laboratory has at its disposal electrochemical techniques that can be applied in metallic surfaces and paints.

Some of the tests and technological services carried out by MA2 Laboratory are:

• Accelerated corrosion tests
• Natural weathering tests
• Polarization curves
• Exposure to sulfur dioxide and humid heat
• Liquid paint analysis and physicochemical characterization
• Electrochemical studies in liquid and solid media
• Characterization of soil properties



The laboratory has areas for:

• surface preparation

• application of organic coatings

• accelerated corrosion tests

• natural weathering tests

• analyses of liquid paints

• physicochemical characterization of coatings

• electrochemical studies in liquid and solid media

The laboratory's equipment includes:

• Ultraviolet test chamber

• Salt spray chamber

• Cyclic humidity test chamber

• Sulfur dioxide (SO2) test chamber

• Xenon lamp chamber



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